Alga Marina Collection

This pyratex® cosmetic fabric IV is manufactured with Tencel®, algae -based fiber. It has an antioxidant capacity that eliminates free radicals and protects the skin of who uses it.


It is a FSC® or PEFCTM renewable fiber based on wood, sustainably and without chemical fertilizers. The fibers are compostable, totally biodegradable under the ground and in marine conditions.

Algae fiber:

It is pure and rich in essential substances such as vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and minerals. The level of natural moisture of the skin allows an active exchange of these substances, activating cell regeneration, which in turn can help relieve skin diseases, reduce inflammation and calm itching. The positive properties of algae are permanently preserved within the final fiber, even after multiple washing cycles.


Sea algae are collected from the scarcely populated fjords of Iceland, in a soft, selective and sustainable process, which only eliminates the part of the plant that is capable of regenerating.


The marine algae fiber is neutral in carbon, occurs without chemical products, using methods that save energy and resources. Algae are washed, dried, treated carefully and add to the wooden cell nmmo solution.