Frequent questions


How long will it take to my order to be delivered?

Do you have international shipments?

How much does shipping cost out of CDMX?

How much does international shipment cost?

Find the answer to all the previous questions in the tab of Shipping.

Do you have express shipping?

For now we do not have an Express parcel service. To review the delivery times of our shipments click here.


 Returns & Exchanges

How do I make an exchange?

How do I return my order?

How long does it take to make me a refund?

Find the answer from all the previous questions on the tab of Returns & Exchanges.

Restock and new designs

How often does sizes and models resurface?

In Vaca Santa we elaborate our pieces according to the demand of the moment, so the assortment times and quantities may vary. Our processes take more time since we have no losses or pieces. We are faithful believers of Slow Fashion So we appreciate your patience with all my heart. 

 How often do new designs make?

We released new designs 4 times a year and keep the Best Self of each collection.

Will I have the design that I liked since it is out of stock?

Unless the model you liked is a Best Seller From that collection we will not supply it. But don't worry, we always release more and more beautiful designs, so you surely fall in love with another.


Are they price for wholesalers?

For wholesale purchases you can contact us by

Do they have a physical store?

You can only acquire our products in the online store



What do I do if I only confirm Paypal's confirmation but not Santa Vaca?

In this case, contact us as soon as possible to and send us your paypal voucher.

What are the payment methods?

You can pay with all credit cards or from your PayPal account.

Do they have payments in Oxxo?

Not for now.


About our garments

How do I know my size?

You can check our carving picture here.

How are your garments wash?

We recommend washing them in washing machine (delicate mode and cold water) with similar colors and drying them outdoors. It is super important that you do not add any detergent that has a softener, baking soda or chlorine.  Even so, the washing instructions are on the internal label of each garment.

For the collection Bios We recommend the same washing method but drying them outdoors.

 Are the garments for yoga only, or can I use them for other disciplines and sports?

You can use them for any sport or discipline that makes you happy.

What material is your fabric made?

We have three types of leggings and tops material: polyester + elastane, nylon + elastane and polyamide 99% biodegradable.

Sweatshirts: Pyratex fiber® 81% organic cotton/ 19% recycled cotton

T -shirts: Pyratex fiber® 66% Lyocell (Tencel)/ 28% Lyocell (Marine algae)/ 6% elastane degrable.

Where are your products made?

We have fabrics from various parts of LATAM and Europe, but all our production processes are made in Mexico.