Return policy and/or product change

Before returning and/or changing the articles (s), please read and follow the following instructions. Be sure to understand our return policy and/or changes. All the following standards are valid for any product you want to return and/or change.


  1. To carry out the return and/or change process you must:

Be within 15 calendar days after the delivery of your articles. Only the products returned in their original conditions will be accepted.

To return or change any garment you must follow the following steps:

a) Enter the section of CHANGES, where you will be asked to send your specific data and information about your change or return.

 b) When sending the application, you will be answered by email confirming the change or return.

c) Once the address of collection and/or sending of the client is confirmed, the client will receive a guide that must hit the package to change and must take it to the branch of the parcel chosen by our company.

d) In case of change, the new product will be delivered in the next 7 business days of the day in which we receive the one sent by the customer. 

e) In case of return, the reimbursement will be carried out in the same form of payment as the original buy, in the next 15 business days after the day in which we receive the envoy by the client. 

f) Only your first changes is free. If you require another change, you will be charged. 

g) Within the Mexican Republic, sending your return is free. 

  1. Wrong product:

For wrong product (the product sent is not the one that bought or has any defect) once this is confirmed by making contact with us to, we will be in charge of the change of the article and the shipping costs.

  1. The garment he bought did not have a mistake when requesting the size:

You may request another size, as long as the purchased product retains its original wrappers, in addition to not being stained, mistreated and with the smell of perfume, as well as having requested the form of return and/or change in a maximum of 15 calendar days after the delivery of its merchandise and have fulfilled in an ideal way with the return and/or change procedure indicated in the previous numbers.


In question to quality upon receiving the product:

We are in charge of the reimbursement and expenses if the customer has received a product with which it is not satisfied. The return or changed product has to be in optimal packaging conditions and with its original labels attached to the product and the return or change has to be made within 15 days from the day of delivery of the product.


The products have to be returned within 15 days from the day delivery day and the return and/or change is accepted only for products in good condition for resale. We reserve the right to reject the replacement request for any product that has been washed, damaged or without its original label.